Frequently Asked Questions

First, we show you items that are awesome compliments to your style and existing closet. If you like any of the products, simply tap “Buy,” pick your size and color, and you can checkout with either your credit card or Apple Pay. We will place the order for you and then notify you when the item is on its way. This usually takes a few minutes. We will also help you manage your returns if needed. Our goal is to make finding and buying the perfect item super easy.
Our professional buyers hand-picked 450+ stores that are both the most popular and super reliable, too. We show you stuff from stores and brands like Micheal Kors, Tory Burch, Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, American Eagle Outfitters, and Macy’s. The orders are shipped from the stores so you get all the benefits of shopping in each of these stores, but we save you the headache of browsing and buying on a bunch of different sites.
Yes, absolutely! Your security is our highest priority. Your credit card information is handled by a well trusted vendor that also handles the transactions for companies such as Twitter and Lyft. In fact, our employees don’t even see your credit card information. Your transactions are highly secure.
When your item arrives, you will also receive return instructions in the package from the store. Simply follow the instructions and your refund will be handled automatically. In case you don’t see the instructions or they are unclear, please feel free to send a message to
Sometimes, rarely, products are not refundable. This happens with undergarments and final sale items. Shoot us an email if you are unsure.
Yes, all items ship with a tracking code. You’ll see the tracking code in your confirmation email.
We currently support most major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX) as well as Apple Pay.
You can earn shopping credits by joining StyleIt, creating outfits, or referring your friends. These credits have real value and are credited towards your purchases in the app.
Very easy. Go to your profile page. You will see the text like "Shopping credits:...". Tap on the text and you will see a window popup where you see at box with text: "Enter Promotion Code". Put your invitation code in there and you will be good to go!
When you place an order, you’ll get a chance to use your shopping credits in the checkout process. You can decide when you want to use the credits. However, if you use Apple Pay, your shopping credits will be automatically applied. If the total of the order is less than your shopping credit, your shopping credit will be deducted from the total amount and the remaining credits will be applicable for your next order. You can use your shopping credits to buy any product. Your shopping credits are applicable towards the price of the items but NOT for tax or shipping cost.
Do not panic! Your credit card is charged the amount promised in the StyleIt app. The amount you see on the receipt is how much we paid the retailer. Please check your bank invoice for the final amount charged by StyleIt. And please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at
Keep it positive all the time. Passing positive energy to all other people in StyleIt community will make it an even better place to share style ideas. When you love some looks, express it. However if you do not like some looks, try to comment using suggestive tones and encourage the creator to make it better, like:” very nice look overall, and I think if you put a pink shirt there it could be even better! “, rather than like: “I don’t like it, why you don’t use a pink shirt?”.
Everyone can help building a better StyleIt community by flagging improper comments. You can do it by tapping the comment you want to flag and choosing the “Flag This Comment” button. Our staff will review all the flags everyday and remove those really negative comments that we think will only hurt the community.
Comments with cursing words, personal offense at any level, threats, intimidation, harassment, revealing other people’s personal information and spam will be removed. Negative comments without any value to our community may also be removed. As mentioned in Question 11, you can always convey the same idea in a more positive way.
Our staff will review the flag as well as the whole comment thread to judge if the comment violates the community guideline. If so, it will be deleted and the user who posted that comment will get a notification of the decision. If not, we will remove the flag and the comment will stay. If one user got 3 comments deleted because of violation of the community guideline, the account will be banned for commenting for 3 days. If more violations happened after that, the account will be permanently banned from StyleIt.
We do not encourage our users to do that. And any outfit that is not created in StyleIt should not be shown here. Any direct copy of other people's outfit created outside StyleIt is not allowed and it will be deleted. The outfits you created should be outfits actually. If you are hacking our system to show something else, you probaly want to contact us. We take our users feedback seriously. If you can convince us that some features are useful for our users, we will implement them.